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C-ARMS These mobile Fluoroscopy/X-ray systems continue to be very popular solutions for Pain Management, Surgery and Internal Diagnostics. Med Imaging offers several new systems including the low cost Genoray Zen-2090Pro suited very well for pain management and the COMED KMC-950 high performance system. We also offer a full line of refurbished OEC, Philips, Siemens and FluoroScan C-arms.

IMAGING TABLES Tables come in all shapes, sizes and with many features. Med Imaging has low cost mobile economy tables that serve the basic purpose and are very affordable. We also offer a full line of STI tables which can accommodate everything from a simple diving board style table with height adjustment to those which do height adjustment, lateral tilt, 4-way float, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg. STI provides two different styles with and/or without selected features. We also will offer refurbished tables when available.

IMAGE CAPTURE Many older devices output analog data. Today most radiologist are reading digital images remotely making it necessary to output DICOM data, whether it's to the local facility PACS or across the world to Radiologist in Australia or just a back up of the weeks data. There have been many products offered over the past 15 years and most did a reasonably good job. Unfortunately these devices cost as much as $10-15,000 and still do. Med Imaging offers MediCapture conversion units. They are low cost, they will convert nearly any data (even Cine) to a number of formats including Dicom and Jpeg, they allow you to send or copy the data and you can view the images directly on the unit. The units start as low as $2500.

DR UPGRADES Today most modalities output digital images - CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Bone, Mammo, etc. But the systems which still produce more diagnostic studies than any other modality is X-ray and this is the biggest market to convert to digital output currently. Although one way to convert is to simply purchase a new DR X-ray system, these systems are extremely expensive and in many cases the existing X-ray system does not need replacing and/or there is not available budget. Med Imaging offers two unique and economical solutions. We offer a low cost flat panel CCD DR retrofit system for less than half the price of most other systems. We also offer a high performance Amorphous Silicone flat panel detector retrofit system that will interface nearly any popular generator. And like our other products it costs substantially less than the major manufacturers systems.

DR SYSTEMS Replacing X-ray systems today means that there has to be serious consideration to acquiring a system with DR. You will be back to considering price and performance. Med Imaging offers systems that are made up of the same components the major manufacturers use. Generators, tables, universal arms, tube and chest stands are manufactured by a few manufacturers who provide this equipment for private labeling. Our supplier uses the same manufacturers but you won't see the big brand names and you also won't see the big brand prices. Our DR systems are provided with some of the highest performing DR hardware and software available today. We will provide a turnkey solution including planning/drawings, delivery, installation, in service set up and instruction and a warranty that's unmatched in the industry. We also offer on going service agreements allowing the system to be supported into the future.

X-RAY SYSTEMS Adding or replacing an x-ray system can be confusing as there are so many choices of brands, suppliers, features, etc. Med Imaging has chosen a line of systems that equal the quality of the major manufacturers at a fraction of the price. We will work with you to determine which system best fits your facility (hospital, clinic, physician practice) your application and your budget. After agreeing on the system specifications, we will provide room/system layout drawings and work with your contractors to insure the room is acceptable for the equipment. We will then deliver, install, set up, train your staff and warranty the system. We will offer a service agreement to cover the system after the warranty has expired. In other words, we will take 95% of the project concerns off your hands and allow you to do your job, while we do ours. If we can't meet your budget with a new system, we will offer any one of many refurbished systems including those from GE, Philips, Siemens, Del, Bennett, Trex, Continental, Gendex, Universal, Summit, Americomp, .........................

eWIX WEB PACS More and more facilities are moving to becoming film-less and even paperless, requiring a Picture Archiving and Computer System (PACS), a Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and/or an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system. The major problem continues to be for many facilities is that once they spent the major portion of their capital budget to produce digital information, how do they now find the capital to purchase a PACS, EMR and EDM so they can store, manage, distribute and access this data? Med Imaging has a simple and inexpensive solution called eWIX (electronic Worldwide Information Exchange). eWIX is a web based service designed to capture, store, manage and make accessible both diagnostic and document images. eWIX enables you to loggin from a workstation and have instant access to diagnosticc images from any modality, it provides both a diagnostic viewer (lossless files) and a review viewer (lossy files) to view diagnostic images, medical records and/or any other paper based document. You don't need to purchase servers or PACS software, you don't pay for back up systems or IT support and you don't pay hardware and software support fees. eWIX does it all and you pay a small monthly fee based upon the number of people accessing and the amount of storage space (compressed) actually used. This is a solution to good to be true.

PACS WORKSTATIONS The most critical part of reading and reporting critical diagnostic information is viewing the diagnostic image. The American College of Radiology (ACR) makes recommendations that too often are overlooked but are very important, not only from an accuracy standpoint but also from a legal liability position. Primarily, choosing the most appropriate medical monitor, computer and reading software becomes the key factors in having the appropriate workstation. Med Imaging provides high performance solutions starting with either Eizo or Totoku medical grade monitors, HP or Dell PCs and Rogan or eMERGE software. This is a winning combination when acquiring a diagnostic workstation whether it's x-ray or mammography, the diagnostic workstation is critical component.

REFURBISHED SYSTEMS R/Fs, CTs, MRIs, Pet, Nuclear, X-ray, CR, C-Arms, Mammo, Bone or nearly any modality, manufacture, model and price we provide the solution that fits your requirement. These are turnkey solutions which in most cases include planning with site drawings, existing equipment removal, collaboration with facility contractors, delivery, installation, in service set up and training, warranty and maintenance service support. It's the products and services you require at prices you can afford. Don't just buy a system, purchase a turnkey project solution.

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